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Venture capital technology investments are unable to reliably deliver fast moving consumer goods in under one hour.  It is because four fundamental flaws exist in today’s accepted omni-channel, mobility, final mile, and 3PL retail fulfillment verticals. Micro-fulfillment start-ups have simply masked the problems with gig economy labor, failing to address the macroeconomic and supply chain optimization opportunities. 

The founders of Khaldûn have identified the four flaws, engineered a solution, and created an opportunity, to deliver any set of goods, to any home or business in under 45 minutes. 

The problem we aim to solve

The Khaldûn brand will represent the foundation of "fundamental opulence". Our Mission is to deliver premium fundamental goods required for human life to any North American home or business in under 45 minutes. It is our vision that delivery time will prevail in measuring brand value, and thus, increase demand for the products it sells. 

Our Mission & Vision

Khaldûn is an early stage e-commerce firm that will offer a premium curated set of consumer products that will deliver to any home or business in 45 minutes. Within five years, the emergent business, Khaldûn will be a lifestyle platform delivering fundamental and opulent consumer goods combined with lifestyle and social networking services that set unprecedented privacy standards for our discerning clientele.

About Us

Mark Kummer​

co founder

+ 1 310 279 0415


Q1 2022

co founder


Q1 2022




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