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Khaldun will commence operations as a pending b-corporation. All of our operations will have a strict set of standards that prioritize safety, ethics, transparency and diversity. Quantifiable metrics will be placed to ensure fiscal responsibility and promote prudent operations. Strict corporate governance will be practiced in all divisions, with a priority towards open communication and transparency not only to our investors but to the front lines. 

A curated selection of premium products meeting the most discerning standards

People and workplace culture are essential attributes of any successful firm. Too often the most talented innovators are scooped by alpha seeking venture capital investments and tech oligarchs wishing to control their sector.  If you're an innovator, or someone looking to ditch the gig economylooking for a long-term opportunity stay tuned. Send us your CV and we will keep you up to date on our progress.

We are snubbing the gig economy

We are an early stage e-commerce company that will deliver premium fundamental goods to any home or business in under 45 minutes

Venture Capital firms have invested billions in the world's most successful and innovative firms. However, the problem of delivery under one hour remains; with the exception of pizza. During the pandemic, a few MIT sloan fellows ate a lot of pizza, and came across a solution that can deliver any set of consumer goods, to any home or business, in under 45 minutes;  sorry, it's not a drone, at least not for now.

Redevelopment of urban landmarks, when paired with innovations in mobility  economy create a solution, venture funds have spent billions trying to solve.

Seattle & St. Louis

Khaldûn is an early stage e-commerce company that will delivery FMCG to any home or business in under 45 minutes. 


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